The Webhooks tool allows you to connect your application with CostCertified events.


How to get to the tool

Admin > Webhooks

Now you can see the Webhooks management interface and create a new webhook or update existent.

Webhook create/update window asks to enter/select fields:

  • Reference name - this is a friendly name of your choice for your custom webhook

  • HTTP Endpoint - enter a fully qualified URL that will receive the details of CostCertified events. Be aware that this endpoint must listen to POST requests (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/Methods/POST )

  • Webhook event triggers - you are able to select multiple events that going to trigger the webhook

  • Status - activate/deactivate your webhook here

After creating a webhooks you are able to review the last 3 events


Integration with other apps

You may want to integrate CostCertified webhook events with your favourite apps like QuickBooks. 3rd party services like Integromat (https://www.integromat.com/ ) or Zapier (https://zapier.com/ ) could help you to reach your goals.

For example, Integromat is able to connect webhooks with hundreds of apps (https://www.integromat.com/en/kb/packages.html )

You can read an integration documentation for each of the apps:



Zapier also has got an awesome documentation, blogs and tutorials about webhooks, integrations and different solutions: